Dicentra Bleeding Heart

Bleeding heart is the name of a perennial plant. Isn’t the name just so intriguing? There are different kinds of bleeding hearts but the most common are dicentra bleeding heart plants. Their scientific name is Dicentra spectabilis and they are simply beautiful bleeding heart vine plants. The Dicentra bleeding heart plant may be old fashioned but are extremely famous. From the old times to new, they remain hot favourites when it comes to shade gardens. The reason why they were named bleeding heart flowers is that the flowers are of course, heart shaped and they droop down from the stem in a row as if the hearts are drooping. They also have white or red colored tips and this is why probably the term bleeding was added to the name.

The Dicentra bleeding heart is a native East Asian perennial plant. These bleeding heart vines grow best in rich soil with well drained moisture and partial shade. They are small plants and grow to a maximum height of 3 feet. The ferny leaves of Dicentra bleeding heart are extremely attractive and they form a bushy mass. The flowers bloom in the month of May or June. In the blooming season, Dicentra bleeding heart plants require weekly watering. During late summers, these plants become dormant. If you live in an area where summers are mildly cool, then you can cut them down to 4 inches after the blooming. This will enhance their growth.

The best place to grow a Dicentra bleeding heart is a nursery stock. They grow best when placed in a spot with some shelter or where only the morning sun can reach. Before planting, make sure you thoroughly add compost and peat mass into the soil. It is necessary that the root tops stay at the ground level. Make sure there are no air pockets at all and water them well. Surrounding Dicentra bleeding heart plants with other perennial plants is a great idea.

After 4 years, you can start dividing the plants. You can do this during fall. Early fall is the best time. The root ball should be separated with the help of a spade or a sharp knife. Dig in compost into the spot where you want to transplant and then plant the sectioned root balls. Keep watering them regularly until the foliage dies back completely. There it is! An easy way to grow Dicentra bleeding hearts. They are beautiful, they are vibrant and they are definitely attractive!